A bit more about me

I am a mother of three teenagers so I understand all the ups and downs that comes with this age group. I also vividly remember what it was like when my children were younger and expressing their emotions in many different, and sometimes, challenging ways!

I also have two much loved dogs, sixteen chickens, Jubilee the adopted pheasant and a husband! I love being in nature, yoga, mindfulness, swimming, walking, reading and gardening.

I studied Health Care at university with a focus on paediatric nursing before changing tack and working in an office in London until I had my first child. I was then a stay at home mum whilst the children were young until an amazing opportunity came along to run a Healthy Families programme for military families. This included running weekly classes with topics ranging from healthy eating, CPR, first aid, managing stress and looking after both physical and mental wellbeing.

I have also worked as a Health Care Assistant on a children’s ward, a Teaching Assistant in a primary school including working 1:1 with a child with SEN, vaccinator on the Covid vaccination programme and have also run a successful bed and breakfast business.

Where I practice

Wherever feels right for you. I have a designated room in my garden and I can also use the garden if that is what you would prefer. Some people find being out in nature very cathartic and calming so I have conducted sessions on a rug under a tree and by our shallow pond.

I can also come into your child’s school (with the school’s permission) if you felt that was more appropriate. I have also met clients in a cafe of their choice or in their home as I believe that if the client is relaxed, they will get the most out of the sessions.

Walk & Talk

We can meet at a location of your choice

My Garden

The swing under the apple tree in my garden is very popular


My Studio

Relax in my designated studio in my garden


I offer a free 30 minute session to meet the client and discuss how best I can help them. I also offer ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions outside in nature if that is something that would benefit the client.

As a parent we were in a real muddle as to how to help Toby. Pippa gave us clear strategies on how to help him. This helped us achieve a consistent approach, as well as giving us a lot of reassurance. Pippa is also excellent at offering any follow up help or advice. She is open, friendly and makes everything very accessible and stress free. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

HM – Mum to T aged 11