Take a look at some of the reviews that my families have left, my approach is relaxed and I like to use nature as much as possible. If you are interested in booking a session then please get in touch by emailing

Our 9 year old child has has lifelong issues with his bowel and bladder. He is having a range of treatments for the physical element of this, but we also felt that he needed some support relating to the mental impacts of his condition. Pippa has been a fantastic help. She built rapport and made him feel extremely comfortable right from the start – to the point that he looks forward to his visits to Pippa. Pippa does a lot of work with children with bowel and bladder conditions, and has many books, toys and jokes to take any embarrassment out of the equation and make it easier for children to talk about it. It is very hard to get my child talking about his emotions but Pippa manages it every time. Pippa communicates openly and clearly with us as parents and her passion for helping children shines through. It is clear that the work is a calling for Pippa – rather than an income generator.

Dad of 9 year old

I think the ways of helping me was really imaginative and I thought it was a lot more interesting than how your neural stuff all works. And I really liked her, she was really nice.

T aged 11

As a parent we were in a real muddle as to how to help Toby. Pippa gave us clear strategies on how to help him. This helped us achieve a consistent approach, as well as giving us a lot of reassurance. Pippa is also excellent at offering any follow up help or advice. She is open, friendly and makes everything very accessible and stress free. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

HM - Mum to T aged 11

Pippa is so incredibly easy to talk to and although I was nervous the first time I went to see her she soon made me feel at ease

O - 17 year old girl

Thank you, Pippa. I always feel better after I have seen you, you help me to think differently about my worries and sometimes even turn them into positives!

From 11 year old boy

Thank you so much for today. Both the little ones and I learned lots of really helpful tips and you were wonderful!!! You are so calming and amazing with them!!! Honestly this is the perfect career for you and I just know you will be able to help so many people. F and R both really enjoyed it!! Thank you again…

MS - Mum to F (aged 6) and R (aged 4)

Pippa was really kind and easy to talk to. She helped me to deal with a few issues that had occured at school.. I would recommend her.

J aged 17

Pippa has done wonders for my daughter. Her cosy, friendly and safe cabin provides a confidential space to conduct the session. Pippa always has a debrief with me at the end of my daughter’s session but keeps confidentiality from the session.

Mum of 15 year old girl

Since my son has been seeing Pippa, he is able to understand more of his emotions. He’s learning to accept things he can’t change and concentrate on how he feels and reacts to people and events out of his control. The skills and strategies he’s learning (or the ‘tool box’, as Pippa refers to it) are enabling him to understand the world around him, helping him feel stronger and more positively about himself and able to deal with life’s challenges.

Thank you for being such a positive force in my son’s life x

From Mum of 11 year old boy

We contacted Pippa as we needed help for my daughter O (aged 9) who had a  longstanding phobia of dogs which was affecting her everyday life. When we bought a dog as a family pet, O was still very frightened and wouldn’t be in the same room as him but Pippa really helped O develop the tools she needed to help overcome her fear. She also had a lovely, warm approach and after each session, I could see O had grown in confidence. O now absolutely loves dogs and claims she would like at least four of them when she grows up!

CP - Mum to O aged 9

Pippa’s studio is cosy and welcoming. She has great resources and she explains things in a way that is easy to understand. Overall, just a lovely person to sit and talk to.

L - 15 year old girl

Pippa has been helping our daughter with anxiety and she has really enjoyed the calm, cosy environment that Pippa creates, both in her studio and her garden. I particularly like Pippa’s holistic approach, so that when initially our daughter’s anxiety didn’t initially appear to improve, Pippa was able to think around the issue and the possible contributing factors, until we reached the understanding that self esteem was at the heart of it. Since we then started to work on that, we have seen an enormous improvement in the anxiety.

Mum of Girl aged 10

Pippa has been an absolute godsend! My 12 year old son was gripped with a fear of the dark and our own home had become terrifying to him at bedtimes. It was awful because there was nothing that I could do or say to help him feel any better. But after the very first session with Pippa I could see him thinking very carefully about everything she had told him and now after a few sessions, he is transformed and marches up the stairs without turning the light on without fear! Pippa is incredibly skilled at what she does and she put my son at ease from the first moment. Would highly recommend!

Mum of 12 year old boy