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How many sessions do you recommend?

This is very individual, however we are looking at a relatively short space of time. I have known clients to have got what they need in as few as 2 sessions but some clients might need a bit longer and feel that 6-10 sessions is more beneficial. I believe everyone has the answer within them and my job is to give clients the tools to empower them to find that answer.

How long is each session?

Generally each session is one hour: 50 minutes for the session and 10 minutes debrief at the end. I offer a free 30 minute introductory session to see whether we are right for each other and for any questions to be asked.

What if it doesn't feel right?

During the 30 minute introductory session you can ask me any questions or chat through any concerns and I will do my best to answer. If I’m not the right coach for you, I will happily refer you to another coach.

Do I stay with my child or teenager?

This is very much up to you and how you feel your child will react. I generally think that both children and teens open up more without a parent present, however you might not be comfortable with this at the beginning so this is something we can discuss during the introductory session. Often parents have had a chat with me over the phone before the session and will join me for part of the session with the child at the end.

What will happen during the sessions?

This is very much dependent on the age of the client and the presenting issue. I believe that building rapport at the beginning is essential and sometimes this can take longer especially if the child or teenager is not 100% sold on the idea! Before I meet with the child or teen, I will find out a little more about them such as what their interests are and anything they enjoy. This can help me to ‘step into their world’ which is an excellent way to build rapport.

Sessions are led by the client and I try to keep things as relaxed as possible and fairly playful. Everyone is unique and no two sessions are the same.

Where does it happen?

Wherever feels right for you. I have a designated studio room in my garden and I can also use the garden if that is what you would prefer. Some people find being out in nature very cathartic and calming so I have conducted sessions on a rug under a tree and by our shallow pond. I can also come into your child’s school (with the school’s permission) if you felt that was more appropriate. I believe that if the client is relaxed, they will get the most out of the sessions.